About Rose

Up until I was fifty years old, things were not working out so well for me. I had a terrible childhood. I moved out on my own at fourteen and became an alcoholic, then an addict. When I got sober I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder along with a bunch of other illnesses. For the next twenty-five years I tried to manage my imbalanced brain chemistry with prescribed medications and therapy. No matter how many meds or how much therapy, I never quite thrived. I lived a very limited life accomplishing very little.

In 2015 I stepped away from conventional medicine and reclaimed my brain chemistry on my own. Since then, I have learned a lot about mental and physical health. This site is a place for me to share what I found. If your struggling with mental and physical health issues, I hope you can find some inspiration here to keep going.

Currently I work as a health coach supporting those who are interested in non-conventional intervention. My focus is on those with depression, anxiety and addiction. If you are interested in talking privately please reach out to me on the contact page.